Our approach

Agile Development –
a modern way of managing IT Development, Teams and Projects.

Responding to change

Our approach is evolutionary. We focus on responding to change and continuous development, rather than rigid adherence to concepts and pre-formulated plans which can quickly become outdated.

Working solutions

We believe that client satisfaction is achieved by rapidly delivering useful working software and solutions, and not by the volume of formal meetings, documentation and email correspondence that precede delivery of these solutions.


For us design perfection comes from keeping things simple. We measure success in terms of how user friendly our solutions are and how much work they save, not by their complexity and the amount of work they create.

Client Involvement

We appreciate requirements can never be fully specified at the beginning of the project and we believe that maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our clients throughout the project is vital to success.

Client Involvement

We value people and personal interactions over processes and tools. All our clients have a dedicated account manager and developer allocated to their project and this team will remain associated with the client throughout the life cycle of their project.

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